About Us

How We Came to Be

HTBARJ was created after Nathan Motta asked a group of playwrights to write a play about a person in the Cleveland community who had been marginalized. The playwright thought immediately of a man who was a great help to him on other plays he had written about heroin. When Greg Vovos asked this man if he could tell his story in the form of a one-man play, the man -- and now friend -- agreed and the character of “Brian” was born.

The play was first performed in a reading at Dobama’s Playwrights Gym in May 2016, with Christopher Bohan as Brian. Then it was performed in a workshop production at the Dobama Theatre MY STORY FESTIVAL where it received a great response from the audience. At that point, Nathan Motta decided to give it a full production which was supported by the help of individual, corporate, and community sponsors. By the end of the run, the play was selling out and many stayed for the engaging talkbacks that followed each performance. In addition, the play raised funds for the Keating Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

Since then the play has traveled all around the state of Ohio and beyond. It has played at universities, libraries, conferences, classrooms, and even in an art gallery in conjunction with an art exhibit on heroin addiction. The play exists in both 55-minute and 80-minute versions and has been tailored to suit various audiences.

What Greg Vovos and Christopher Bohan have learned through the touring of this play is the most important thing is to continue the conversation. The play has created interesting and meaningful conversations among families who have battled the epidemic, medical professionals who treat patients, future counselors in training, students, and more. We find the play has its greatest impact when we bring it directly to affected communities.  And we would like to bring the play to you. 

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about the play, please contact us at respectablejunkie@gmail.com.

If you'd like to get a feel for the play, click this link!